Le Syndicat concrétise son engagement humanitaire

English version coming soon. En date du 12 mars dernier, le conseil d’administration a donné suite aux désirs des membres que le SPECGIM ait une volonté philanthropique propre. Vous trouverez plus bas le texte de la résolution du conseil d’administration.

L’association canadienne pour les chargé.e.s de cours et la formation continue collégiales (nom temporaire) a par conséquent été incorporée afin de dévouer un montant spécifique aux opérations philanthropiques déjà exercées par le syndicat, et afin de grossir les opérations de cette branche.


Some elements were redacted for security as this is the online version.



  • CONSIDERING the philanthropic aims of the Union;
  • CONSIDERING the existence of these aims as part of the Union’s MOV;
  • CONSIDERING that partners and stakeholders do not recognize the non-profitability status of the Union;
  • CONSIDERING that the Union is registered under the Professional Syndicates Act (CQLR c. S-40);
  • CONSIDERING the limited resources of the newly founded union;
  • CONSIDERING the desire to maximize the money dedicated to our philanthropic purposes:


THAT the Syndicat du personnel enseignant du Cégep de la Gaspésie et des îles à Montréal (CSQ) moves the operations of their objectives for the promotion of continuing education quality, student in needs financial aid and equality amongst collegiate teaching staff (subsections 7c) 7j) and 7w) of the By-Laws) to a non-profit organization;

THAT a non-profit organization be registered under Federal Charter to take care of these aims, which will include, in a longer term, all contractual and precarious teaching staff at college level in the province or the country;

THAT a financial fund of the lowest amount between five thousand dollars (5000$) or 20% of the benefit be transferred to said Association ;

THAT [VG] be mandated to open and interact with all appropriate authorities and stakeholders in this matter;

THAT the website of the SPECGIM is used to host the information about the association and that email be temporarily split between ***@**** for the main union operations and ***@*** used for the non-profit organization until such time that the Non-Profit Organization as its own infrastructure

THAT the registration be done under a numbered association until the founding assembly decides of the proper name.